I Hate Potlucks & Being Force-Fed At Work!

Ok, so it’s another “I hate” post – but sometimes a girl has gotta vent!
On today’s list of things I hate… Office Potlucks!

My office contains a girl who insists upon arranging a potluck once a month, and bringing incredibly unhealthy food once a week. I have no time to cook, and am not interested in expanding my fat cells with the sugary gobs of goo she bestows upon us.  She has now made me feel like some kind of freakish outcast, because I don’t wish to participate in these potlucks and food-fests. Now don’t get me wrong…I LOVE food! But I also LOVE fitting into my pants and not having a sugar crash by noon. Here is what I don’t understand…

Why-oh-why do people who enjoy these sort of things, feel the need to force them upon everyone??  I should just be able to politely decline and move on with my day. But no. People harass me all day long about how I haven’t tried the food. “Why haven’t you had any food? Are you sick? Are you ok? Are you too good for our food?” Sometimes, they even bring plates of it to my desk! I imagine throwing it back at their fat, pushy faces…but instead, I pretend to nibble at it, and throw most of it away.

Another annoying situation is that 80% of the women who stuff their faces with all this food are overweight. And they complain about it incessantly. They are constantly buying the next quick weight loss supplements, drinking green tea, whining about their fat rolls…and yet here they are, sitting down to the trough of pasta, rice, tacos, bean dip, soda & tripple chocolate cake. The stupidity levels go off the charts here. It’s rather disgusting.
OPEN WIDE! Here comes a plate-full of cake, with tacos on top!
Ah, another fun day at the office.

So if you also despise the Office Potluck, you are not alone. You know what I also hate? Office birthday parties. But that's another topic, for another day. Apparently I am not the only one who is resistant to the nasty barrage of food known as The Office Potluck. A whole host of articles pop up on Google...
Any suggestions for how to avoid the force-feeding? Any funny Potluck horror stories? Please share in the comments!


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